How to get instant likes for instagram?

How to get instant likes for instagram?

How to get instant likes for instagram?

Instagram hashtags to get more likes

For some people posting in a social network is a real passion, for others – the worst nightmare.

For beginners, the Instagram platform may seem like a minefield: what needs to be done, and what, on the contrary, should be avoided in order to achieve popularity, collect more comments and “likes”?


In the form of “yes” and “no”

YES: Develop your own unique style

Individual selection of filters, use of additional applications, original framing and other methods of processing photos will help create a unique and recognizable aesthetics of your profile.

NO: Do not use the standard Instagram filters

At the moment when you grab the first filter that comes under the arm, other users do the same.

This is the sure way to get lost in the crowd, and the main commandment of Instagram is to be original.

YES: Create a neutral background to emphasize the main

To the object, which is in the foreground of the photo, attracted attention, make its surroundings as laconic as possible.

NO: Do not overload photos with multiple effects

Add one blurred effect, a rain filter, a fanciful frame and a heart-shaped stamp – and users will scroll twice as fast in the tape.

YES: Look for natural light

Photos with natural light look more authentic and more like subscribers.

NO: Avoid the flash

It’s hard for an amateur to make a good photo with a flash. This is relevant primarily for fashion bloggers, who are important to appear before the audience in the best light in the literal sense of the word. The best light is natural. If possible, avoid cold artificial lighting.

YES: Crop pictures

Traditional photography is rectangular, whereas Instagram deals with a square. Put the most important in the center, using the framing tools.

NO: Do not bury the horizon

Not parallel to the edges of the photo, the horizon line is a common mistake by fans. These pictures need to be edited.

It is possible that a rare, unique photo and in its original form will be recognized as a masterpiece, but in most cases the shifted horizon line will cause unconscious rejection in viewers.

YES: Create diversity

Individual style of photos is important, but most of all the audience wants to know you as a person. To gain trust, you need to show her more than an impeccable selection of clothes. Introduce it to your lifestyle, show who you really are.

NO: Do not post the same as all

Stereotyped photos – with a cup of coffee, a favorite cat, selfie from bed – are all rather boring. Users want to see your personality.

YES: Edit photos whenever you feel like

Instagram is an ideal place for experiments, because any picture can be deleted or edited.

If you put a photo in a certain mood, and then it annoys you, do not suffer: change it or get rid of it.

Consider yourself an artist who is looking for an ideal.

NO: Do not cult of popularity

If you really want to keep the page in the Instagram, continue, regardless of the degree of involvement of subscribers.

You can treat it as a personal art project and create something perfect. And you can be treated as a simple set of moments of your life.

People can not judge you as a person only by the number of subscribers, comments and “likes”. In the end, it’s just a social network, not real life.

Arnold Pierce

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