How to hack instagram views?

How to hack instagram views?

How to hack instagram views?

100 free instagram views – from “popular” to “interesting”

On the social platform Instagram there appeared an entertaining page “Interesting”. Thanks to it, users can increase the coverage.

And to get there, you’ll have to try a little bit. Do not be afraid and give up a tempting opportunity.

It is better to understand with us how to do this.

The “Popular” tab has disappeared from Instagram. It contained publications with the largest number of likes.

The problem was that she was full of photos of celebrity. The average user and the entrepreneur did not get through.

Now some changes have been made to the algorithm of the system. So, there was a new page – “Interesting”. As another broad “step” of the social network on the road to excellence.

Now users are faced with such a concept as “smart tape”. It is adjusted individually for each user of the network.

Let’s say you periodically browse the user’s page. In this regard, you will be offered in the tab those records that he likes.

This is a great opportunity to promote your content. It will be seen not only by your followers, but also by their friends.

And if for a regular user this is just a pleasant change, then businessmen will definitely appreciate such PR for its worth.

Publish high-quality and unique posts, because the modern audience is very exacting.

Usually the content of Local Wanderer collected no more than 2000 likes (there were fewer). But as soon as their photo got into the “Interesting” tab, the post received more than 7 thousand cherished “hearts” and 500 comments.

It is worth noting that this section is regularly changing. First, various video channels appeared in the contribution, then video recordings of concerts, festivals and various musical events.

Instagram daily “hints” that users can increase their popularity by creating interesting video content. And if the videos are worthwhile, the social network will promote them higher (absolutely free).


Let’s say your publication in Instagram is in the coveted tab. What is the benefit if you are running your business on a social site?

In this case, the likes and comments are still “a pleasant trifle”. But with this you can attract the attention of a large number of potential customers.

In other words, improve the key indicators. What can be better than absolutely free advertising for a new target audience?

All this is like building a sales funnel. When you enter the “Interesting” tab, you tell the public about yourself. If the post is qualitative and attractive, the audience will want to click on the photo.

Users learn all the necessary information about the proposed product, they like the fast, they subscribe to your page (if you are lucky).

And now – it’s up to you! Your task is to publish such content in a profile that will arouse the desire to buy.


To get to the page “Interesting”, you need to get under a certain topic of the records. Also, the system takes into account the number of interactions with the post.

For example, your publication is liked by many people, including owners of untwisted profiles.

At the same time, many comments are written under the post. The chances of getting more are growing! So as not to go around the bush for a long time, let’s take a look at everything. Everyone loves seals?

@simmingtonandco. On this Insta-page there were not even 400 followers. Actually, the number of subscribers has grown significantly.

But it’s easy to guess why this happened. Before they hit the “Interesting” page, there were 300 of them with copecks. Then they managed to take their place under the sun, and some profile posts scored more than 1,000 likes.

And all because the user @ meowbox lycnul record and left a comment under the post. That is, the algorithm worked, and the publication was seen by the MeowBox followers.

Among the subscribers of this account are a lot of fans of “murring and mustachioed”. So they sprinkled on the likes of an unpopular insta-profile.

The new algorithm works really well. Users see that content, which, in fact, they want to see. This can be compared to free-targeting.

Arnold Pierce

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