During several marketing researches it was clarified how Instagram acts on the well-being of Europeans. The results of the research showed that in most cases the social site acts positively.

For many users, she motivates and inspires career growth and creative development.

ResearchMe selected 5,000 respondents aged 12 and over.

The study involved residents of all regions of the Great Britain . ResearchMe tried to find out whose life is most interested in instagrammers, how often they visit Instagram and what emotions they experience.

Researchers came to the conclusion that users of the social site experience good emotions. There are exceptions to the rule. Some interesting statistics:

Men who feel angry – 7%;

Women – 5%;

Men who feel jealousy – 10%;

Women – 14%.

49% of male users admitted that the negative pursues them all day long. While 58% of women do not “drag” negative emotions into real life.

Respondents’ answers were divided into categories (taking into account the age of the respondents). So, what do instabmers experience when watching a tape most often?

Youth audience (12-18 years) – positive emotions;

Users age 19 to 25 years old are indifference;

26-35 years – indignation;

From 36 years of age – frustration;


The interviewees were also asked: “Instagram became a cause of discord with another person?”. 69% of respondents answered it negatively.

It turned out that teenagers rarely argue about the likes, comments or subscriptions on the network (only 8% – sometimes, and 3% – often).

While users of 36 years of age are much more likely to argue because of activity in the social network (14% and 8% respectively).


“Kill some time” – 36% of users;

To find inspiration – 24%;

To find information. This reason is especially characteristic of the interviewed age of 36 years.


The results of the research showed that the interests of men and women on the social platform Instagram are very different.

Men are most often subscribed to their friends and accounts devoted to tourism, travel and art. Female audience prefers to follow the world stars, as well as pages about beauty and fashion.

Pay attention to the image above. It shows TOP-3 hobbies for two categories of users. It is these spheres of life that are their main interests on the expanses of the social platform.


Practically 1⁄2 of respondents (women – 54%, men – 41%) noted that Instagram inspires and motivates them well on the way to self-realization. According to them, the social platform is very conducive to creative endeavors.

The results of the research show that social network positively affects the general well-being of people, as well as their self-esteem and personal life.

A young audience of users is trying to take an example from successful bloggers. 13% of teenagers admitted that they envy influencers, and closely monitor what is happening in their lives. 28% of young people (the interviewed audience) were inspired by their own accomplishments.

As for the positive impact of Instagram on human education, this assumption was supported by 20% of men and 13% of women.


Last year, the Royal Science Community recognized the Instagram social platform as the “enemy” of the British people.

After carrying out of some researches the report in which it is specified, that at girls in the age of about 20 years the attitude to a way of life and own appearance deteriorates.

And girls aged 25+ fall prey to illusions about ideal working conditions and lifestyle. The “bar” of their demands is overstated.

In 2018, the “Team for the Protection of Health” was established. And on August 1 on social platforms Facebook and Instagram implemented tools to control the time spent on social networks. This option does not yet work in Europe.